Are you the you, you want to be?

More to the point if you were your partner would you want to live with you?

So many couples who come to my sessions are living a life which is not going to give them a successful relationship.  Many blame each other for a myriad of behaviours and problems that have – in their words – destroyed the connection they once had.

Now they feel that the relationship has probably died and the only option is to move on and start again.  But they’re not certain if that solution is the right one.

Our belief systems drive our behaviours and our behaviours will give us a life based  on those behaviours and beliefs.  So if their beliefs are not success-driven beliefs then the behaviours created from those beliefs will not be driving them to success and so their life will feel wrong.  The ‘Something is Missing’ feeling that so many express but don’t know how to fix.

The great news is that beliefs can be changed and with it those behaviours that have let them down in the past.  Couples learn how to become an amazing partner for each other in the ways that meet both their needs.  Now we have two people committed to behaviours that meet the other’s needs.

Understanding how thoughts, beliefs and behaviours can scupper you and how to put that right will not only give you what you want in your relationship but in many other aspects of your life, freeing you to live the life you are meant to live from a secure base within you.

Once individuals learn this they become success driven and know how to put things right when future issues appear on the horizon.

Only you can change you.  No one else can or is qualified to do so.  The problem so many people have is they don’t know how to.  Finding out how is a wonderful place to start on a new and exciting journey to happiness and success.