Who Taught you about Relationships?

We learn from those around us and those trained to teach us.  From our teachers in our early years we learnt how to read, write, and add up etc

We also learnt from others around us.  Our parents.  The parents of our friends.  Our friends.

We continue to learn every day.  Be it when we take up a new hobby or within the work environment when we are taught new skills.

We rely on experts to care for our needs – doctors, dentists, even pilots to take us on our overseas holidays.  All these people have studied and been taught by people who have decided to specialise in their particular field.

We aren’t even allowed to drive a car without passing a test.  And the chances are we won’t pass unless we’ve had a few lessons from an instructor!

Who Taught you about Relationships?

We embark on the most important part of our lives, the one which will give us the greatest love and security and sense of purpose,  and so many have absolutely no instruction or education on what to do and how to sustain this important part of our lives.

Many are left hopefully swimming upstream, based on intuition and how we saw our parents conduct their relationship.

The chances are no one taught them.

You may have been lucky and your parents not only showed you a good relationship model but taught you how they achieved that.

You may not have been so lucky and learnt that arguing, shouting, and a whole host of other destructive behaviours is the thing to do to sustain a marriage – or not.

Your partner will, of course,  have learnt something different.  Their background is different from yours.

Without education on how relationships work and how to understand and meet each other’s needs so much is left to chance, and so often chance isn’t the best tool to have in your armoury when things go wrong.

You were taught how to deal with problems when driving.  Even how to spot impending problems.   For instance, you learnt to break before you hit a traffic jam!  You learnt to watch out for unexpected behaviours from other drivers and pedestrians!

Someone will probably have taught you how to deal with complex problems at work.  You were even taught at school how to find out the meanings of words you’ve never come across before by using a dictionary (which someone taught you how to use).

Tuition for Relationships

For many years now children are taught sex education.

However there is virtually no tuition on how to deal with relationships – especially how to deal with conflict in a positive and secure way which will help you grow as a couple.

So no wonder so many couples end up in crisis.  It’s not that they’re bad people.  It’s not that they wish to hurt each other.  Frequently, it’s not they’re in the wrong relationship.  It’s that no-one has taught them, because very few people go and find someone who can.

Remember if you wanted to learn to fly you’d ask a flying instructor to teach you rather than jump in a plane and have a go!

If you want to learn how relationships work then asking someone who knows would seem a good place to start.

If you would like to learn more on how to have a great relationship, which you can sustain, then get in touch and become one of the increasing number of people who realise that education is the key to success.