Which are you doing?

Relationships require positive action to keep them alive and passionate.  The problem most couples with relationship problems have is they don’t know  which actions are positive, good ones and which are negative, bad ones.

Men and women communicate in different ways and not understanding this and mis-interpreting what they are saying, can lead you into a mine-field of problems.

My Question to you in today’s post is:

Which are you doing?

Here are a few actions you may be taking which won’t help your relationship:

Some of the actions you should avoid:

  • Blame your partner or make your partner wrong
  • Control your partner – love is not about control
  • Making your relationship all about you and your needs
  • Interrupting or failing to listen to your partner when they want to explain something to you
  • Dictating to your partner on what they should do or how they should behave

And now some of the things you may need to work at and learn how to develop skills which will grow your relationship and you:

Some actions you should take:

  • Make sure your partner feels special and important – all the time
  • Always give love – even when it hurts, even when you want to do the opposite. Give your love unconditionally – all the time – without the expectation of anything in return.
  • Make sure you partner knows they are the most important person in your life over everyone else – this includes parents, children, work etc.
  • Listen.  Give them space to tell you how they feel.  Give them your full attention
  • Never block out any hurt and pain you feel.  It’s there for a reason.  It’s a signal for action.  If you do block out the pain then you will find you also block out the love.
  • Be true to yourself – if you allow yourself to become someone you don’t like that much – they won’t like you either
  • Acknowledge and value their strengths

A successful relationship is based on mutual trust, love, admiration, acknowledgement of each other’s strengths – in fact a brilliant team.   You both need to feel special but not at the exclusion of the other.  Find out what makes your partner feel special and then make sure you do that all the time.  If you both do this for each other then success is not far away.

If you want help in developing these skills then get in touch now.