What rules do you have to meet your values?

Do you set impossible rules for your values.  If you do you could be finding that you aren’t that happy.

Let me give you some examples.

If your rule for Success is to have £1 million in the bank then as soon as the amount falls below £1 million (even by a £1) you’re going to feel frustrated and unsuccessful.  Now this might be great for your business but if this is your hard-and-fast rule for life then it could be affecting your relationship, your health and lots of other areas of your life  – which have nothing to do with money.

If your rule for happiness is to be in a loving and caring relationship and currently you are on your own, then you’ll be spending a lot of time unhappy.

Discovering the rules a person applies to their values is useful to finding where their issues lie.

These rules can be motivators to change or they can be what’s causing someone to feel stuck.

The rules that motivate change are fine as long as they’re focused on the area which needs changing and don’t spill over into other areas of a person’s life which are successful and happy.

The rules which cause an individual to become stuck need dismantling and changing into something more flexible and sometimes, less hard and fast.

So, for instance, changing an individual’s rule for happiness from “Being in a caring relationship”  to “Being above ground”  gives happiness a greater chance of success.

So what are your rules and are they giving you what you need?