What makes a relationship passionate?

For a relationship to be passionate a couple needs to understand their differences.  A relationship works based on things you have in common.  Passion comes from your differences.

So what do I mean by that?

Men and women run a different model of the world.  They communicate differently and they have different needs and work from different energies.  Masculine and feminine energies.

Both men and women have desires.  How those desires are met are different for the two sexes.  For women this is frequently around the need to be wanted and to feel understood.  For men the stronger focus is around being challenged, being able to fix and to feel appreciated.

How to Kill a Passionate Relationship

By not understanding how these different desires need to be met and how to meet them.

When a woman feels her man has trivialised a problem she can feel he doesn’t understand her and so he doesn’t care.  She can then go into her masculine energy to fix and feel safe.  This kills romance.  The man will now fight the masculine energy he encounters from his woman and the couple experience a disconnection.  Each can now feel insecure and unable to trust each other.  This kills passion.

For him the above example has baffled and confused him.  He will have approached the problem in a different way.  His need to fix and move on doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He was probably hoping for appreciation instead he ‘bumped into’ anger.  No wonder he then gets angry too.

The actual problem was not the issue. The problem lay in not understanding how each of you work.

Learn How to Maintain a Passionate Relationship

Without learning how to understand and appreciate who you are as human beings it can be difficult to maintain passion.  When you have learnt  this and how to meet each others needs on a consistent basis then passion returns and becomes your goal to focus on when problems arise.

I help numerous couples learn how to do this.

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