What is your inner voice telling you?

Your inner voice has a powerful effect on how you live your life.

For some people it is that part of them which is telling them they are a failure or not good enough, or mostly wrong.   Maybe that part which says “I am who I am and I can’t change.”

For them it can be so powerful they become stuck and unable to see a way out.

To avoid action it tells them: they must be loved ‘warts and all’.

This inner voice is harsh.  Harsher than you would speak to any friend, acquaintance, colleague or partner.

Now ask yourself if a good friend of yours suddenly said to you “I’m unlovable and a failure”  what would you say in return?  How would you respond?   I can’t imagine for a moment that you would sit there and agree!  You’d probably come up with examples and suggestions to disprove the statement and encourage them.

However if your inner voice is a strong negative one then you will disbelieve all your good friends are saying.

It is important to learn how to become your own best friend – and learn how to believe them.

Most people have moments of self-doubt and uncertainty but accepting those moments and then being kind to yourself and putting yourself in the position of your own best friend will help you find pathways which are empowering rather than dis-empowering.  Your inner best friend is there to encourage and help.  He/she is within you so use him/her to help you get what you want.

How to have a helpful inner voice

A good, helpful inner voice is one that gives you growth.  One which helps you be the best you can be.    This can be a struggle on your own.

If you are finding this confusing or you feel lost then get in contact.

And by the way no one loves having warts.  Learning how to grow and create a strong best you,  kills off the ‘warts’.