What can you bring to your relationship right now?

In this current worldwide crisis, it is so easy to focus on what you are missing out on, to feel constrained or cross.

Some of you will feel anxious.  Some of you will be working to help others and won’t have time to focus on themselves.

What can you bring to your relationship right now?

If you are focusing on yourself I would like to ask yourself “What am I gaining by doing so?”

By doing this are you looking for someone else to solve your issues?  Today I want you to consider changing your focus.

My questions to you today are

  • “What can I bring to my relationship right now?”
  • “What can I give to my relationship right now?”
  • “How will I readjust my focus from what I need to what I can give?
  • How can I help my partner emotionally right now?

Here in the UK we have been instructed to keep our physical distance from each other.  This does not mean Emotional Distance – especially from your partner.

For couples currently struggling within their relationship now could be the time to devote to reconnecting with each other.

So how do you do this?  How do you break your recent patterns of behaviour?

By becoming a giver rather than a demander.  By stopping in your tracks and halting any blame you lay at your partner’s door.

Change your focus from yourself to your partner.  By doing this you start to change your focus from what you want to what they need and desire.

Become a Leader

Right now the world is looking to leaders to guide us through this pandemic.  Leaders in government are turning to leaders in science for advice and guidance.  They are taking action.

Don’t wait for your partner to make the first move – become a leader for your relationship – by listening and appreciating their view – in all likelihood it will be different from yours, this doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  It’s just a different perspective, based on their model of the world.

Appreciate their view rather than demand it changes.

Get Help

Many coaches, myself included, are offering online or telephone coaching to help you discover if your relationship can and should be saved. We offer tools and strategies to help you through what may feel like an impossible minefield of past resentments and pain.  The future can be different.

With time on your hands now might be the time to devote to your relationship.  The future can be different you just need to find out how to change it.

Become a leader for your relationship and take action now.