Ladies – your vulnerability is your key to success

Many women see vulnerability as weak and unsuccessful.  Especially in these days of equal jobs when women are striving for recognition in the work place – which is rightly theirs.  But this can take over in all aspects of their lives as they become a force to be reckoned with at home as well.

How many men can be heard saying “As long as I do as she says everything is fine”.  Is this really how you wish to be seen by the person you love and adore?  Maybe it is – in which case that’s fine if the relationship thrives on that dynamic.

But what if you would actually love your man to step up and protect and cherish you?  What if you want your man to be a real, strong man.  There for you come what may.  Who you can rely on, who will know what to do – or if not find a way regardless.  What then?

Have you lost touch with what you truly wanted when you got married.  Is your man just doing your bidding these days – and you rather wish there was more?

By the way  ladies I am not advocating being the ‘little woman’ who becomes the submissive wife!  That is not what this is  about at all.

I want you to think about the feminine energy within you.   This is a great and important strength.  How else are you going to attract and keep a strong man.

Understanding that we all have different parts within us and how to make them work together as a whole is key here.  It allows you to be an achiever and successful but also to become fulfilled as a whole human being.

Allowing the vulnerable feminine part of you to shine through all your daily life will win you more than you can imagine (if you’re not doing it already).  It will allow you to ‘win in the boardroom’  as well as the bedroom  – and I’m not advocating you use sex in the boardroom – that’s a whole different issue !

Discovering how to feel safe whilst still being feminine is key.  Learning and understanding how to give yourself this is key.  It’s the key to being the person you are meant to be.

Wow!  Isn't life great!