True Love – a life’s commitment

When couples are going through difficult times and considering if they should be together many will wonder if True Love really exists.  So does it?

Yes I believe True Love does exist.  It exists through a life commitment.  A commitment to learn a grow through times of conflict and to work at what you’ve got and built together.

So many couples get lost and find themselves in a place that either doesn’t feel right or is not where they want to be. They can end up behaving in ways that don’t meet their core values and needs and they don’t know why they’ve ended up where they are.

They know they have a special connection but somehow that connection doesn’t feel enough.  Leaving is daunting and feels wrong but carrying on as they are doesn’t feel right either.

True Love happens when both individuals commit to working together.

A year ago a love song written by a widower to the wife he’d spent 73 years with became a YouTube sensation.

As he says in his song Sweet Lorraine “Life only goes around once, but never again”

Wonderful to hear that so many children have been inspired by his story and that many couples have been moved to improve their relationships as a result of hearing and reading about this inspirational 97 year old.