The Best Day Of Your Life

When thinking about the best day of your life most will look back to a big event, some say their school days, others a special holiday or job.

Many people tell me that the best day of their life was their wedding day or the day a child was born.  Some memorable event in their lives.

One woman, who came to see me, told me her husband had ruined the best day of her life by getting drunk on their wedding day.  So for her, the best day of her life had passed and now anything good was being overshadowed by this ‘ruined best day’.   She looked forward to the future mostly comparing it to the one day that had been ‘ruined’.

These days, the Wedding Industry encourages couples to believe that spending vast amounts of money will ‘insure’ their day is the most memorable and lavish of their lives. Even to the point that their future happiness depends on it. The bachelor/hen party scene also encourages young people to almost ‘outdo’ each other in spending.

But having invested so much in their marriage – with,  according to the divorce statistics, over a 40% failure rate – couples overlook the need to invest in themselves and their ongoing relationship.  Many believe that having spent all this money, their investment  – their relationship – will grow with no further action by them.  This is not true.

The best day of your life is yet to come

The best day of your life needs investment (the wedding industry demonstrates that very clearly).  The ‘trip of a lifetime’ needs investment (the travel industry works hard with their beguiling adverts).

Your relationship needs investment – and yet so many people believe it shouldn’t be required.  Relationships should ‘just happen’.  They don’t and they can’t.  Couples need to find out what investment their partner needs to keep them happy and close.  Men and women have different needs.  Each individual has their own unique set of needs and these needs must be met in the way that individual needs!

This needs investment by each and every one of us.  The best day of your life depends on it.

So how do you create the best day of your life?

By deciding that’s what you are going to do.

What gives us all some ongoing best days of our lives is investing in our partner, in our love for them and for our commitment to them.  Love is what we all need, it’s what connects our hearts and brings us closer together.

So often it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.


  • investing in that hug that they need when upset or angry.
  • being completely present with them when they are struggling.
  • listening to learn more about them rather than listening to reply with your own take of the issue, or to defend your own actions.
  • creating some variety or surprise in your day – one you know they would like and enjoy

Focus on the best day of your life as being today. 

How would you run your day differently if you decided to make today the best day of your life? Could you approach your partner today differently,  to ensure that, not only, is today going to be the best for you, but the best for them too?