Coaching can be a very private and emotional experience.  For most this is the case.  My mission is to help them through this experience as swiftly as I can and to enable them to reach the understandings and future which is right for them.

The following clients have been kind enough to share their experiences.  It has been a privilege to have been able to help them and see them overcome their challenges.  Here is what some of my clients have to say:

An open-minded focus saved this couple from divorce

This is what they had to say….

From Disconnection to Reconnection

Those of you who look at the site know that I believe, very strongly, that an affair does not have to bring an end to a marriage.

Here is another example of how true this is……..

We are now closer than ever before

This young couple have been kind enough to write about their experience over the last three months.

Here is their story……..

Stuck in a rut:

Not all marriages can be saved.  This one was one of them, however, the husband realised that he needed to understand why it had failed:

These are his words:  Read more

Coaching Benefits

Over the past few months I have been working with a young man coaching him through various emotional issues. His relationships were not giving him what he needed and his reliance on them meant he couldn’t move forward and meet the goals he desired in several areas of his life.

His dedication to the process we worked through and his determination to achieve what was there for him to grasp has been impressive.

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A New Relationship 20 Years In

After 20 years together, running a series of house moves and other “projects” to avoid dealing with fundamental issues in our relationship, I felt we had reached the end.  We were constantly miserable and angry.  I introduced increasing physical and emotional distance and found the coil of tension was easier to sustain.  The next step appeared to be for us to separate for our benefit and for the children.


Wedding Bells

I worked with a young couple last year.  Although very much in love they were having problems meeting each other’s needs. The four sessions they had focussed on these issues.  I have just received this email from them:

We just want to thank you for all the help you have given us and to tell you that we are getting married!! We’ve had some rocky moments but we are getting stronger and we would not be where we are today without you so thank you so much. 

An affair does not have to signal the end

When someone has an affair it can be devastating for their partner.  However, it does not have to signal the end of a marriage.  This couple worked through their pain.  Read more……..


 “Words can’t express how grateful we are to you. With your guidance we now have a golden future to look forward to.”

One Session is all it took

One session is all it took to turn this couple around from being on the verge of splitting up for good to creating an exciting future together.

This young couple had come to me because both were fed up with the constant repetitive arguments which went nowhere.  Neither understood why.

At the end of their two-hour session they had learnt where each of them was going wrong and why they had ended up stuck.

They learnt how and why men and women communicate differently.   They learnt how to understand each other at a deeper level and how to repair their relationship. How to grow together.

I have recently heard from them.

To quote them: ” I cannot thank you enough for your input. Things are now dramatically better but we will not hesitate to get in touch should any further difficulties arise”.

A few months of discovery

I have recently been working with a couple who had lost their way and couldn’t see a future together. They worked hard through their issues and never gave up on each other.  Their tenacity paid off as each discovered they had failed to understand each other in the past and the impact those failures had had on their marriage.

The husband kindly sent this to me recently:

We both wish to thank you for all the help you have given us.  When we first came to see you we were unable to talk to each other about anything and constantly arguing (about virtually everything) and shouting.  Things were very bad and for me, personally, couldn’t see any future for us both together, which is why my wife decided the only way forward was to seek professional advice.


Client finds new zest for life and gets her ‘Mojo’ back

In 11 weeks this client has turned her life around.  Her determination has given her a new view on life.  The joy can be read in the email I received from her a few days ago:

None of us knows what is going to happen in the future – we sail along each day often with the drudge of the weekday business and house/family chores. Forgetting to work on our Partner to continue to nurture our trusted DIAMOND.  We forget the reason why we got together and fell in love in the first place.

Unexpected tragedies and losses or disabilities occur – and can rip our hearts inside out.  It hits us like a strike of lightening.  The cause and affect is un-measurable upon the people directly affected.

Years of happy marriage, we enjoyed so many wonderful experiences together. We loved new experiences with ‘open hearts’.  Life appeared full.  Tragic events occurred in a way of a ‘cyclone’ one after another.

We started out supporting each other, then lost sight to support each other, as after time the ensuing dialogue continued.  Sub-conscious resentments occurred – due to our own ‘blinkers’.

I lost sight of who I was.  I was not in a good ‘brain space’ – I didn’t love me anymore. January 2016 I sat at my computer and wrote a list of my personal goals to try and get myself  ‘going’.  It was too late for my Partner. He already made his mind up to leave.

January – My main goal was to ‘get the real me back on track’.  The question was ‘HOW’?  I didn’t know ‘HOW’!  I thought I was intelligent enough to work on the resolutions. No I was wrong, my brain was in a spin.

I researched and researched tirelessly to locate a Counsellor who has multiple professional skill-sets – v – less qualified part–timers.

Read what happened next……….

Marriage Saved from Divorce

So often couples are unaware of the damage they are inflicting on each other whilst believing they are keeping their relationship alive.

John and Christine came to see me last summer and worked with me over several months.

Today I received this email from Christine:

“I was fortunate enough to come across Linden’s profile whilst carrying out a search online for help with relationship problems.

What attracted me to Linden was the fact that she offered Marriage and Relationship Coaching rather than the tired, old Marriage guidance offered by most other counsellors.

I found her to be empathetic, sympathetic but tough when needed. She made us aware of how destructive our behaviour towards each other had become and gave us the tools and skills to change this pattern of behaviour.

I have no doubt in my mind that without Linden’s coaching, we would now be facing the agony of divorce or separation.

Thank you Linden. You saved us.”

From tailspin to exciting future

I had the privilege of working with Mark over the last 3 months. Mark had become someone that he didn’t particularly like in his attempts to rescue his marriage.  As a result his marriage had failed.  In the time he spent with me Mark has transformed his life and is now living his life as he should.  He has given himself challenges and has already succeeded in several.

He has been kind enough to let me know about his experience and share it with you:

I was in a very dark place when I found  Linden. My wife had told me she wanted to separate, didn’t love me anymore, after 13 years of marriage and two lovely young kids. I was devastated, my whole world turned upside down and no words I used were changing my wife’s way of thinking. I was helpless. I searched for answers on line, attended Relate, all futile and I remained in a tail spin.  read more:

 Email from Michael

“Thank you so much for your assistance over recent weeks, your teachings have been invaluable and I am sure that I can continue to learn and grow as an individual with your help.” – Michael J

When Love is not enough

I have recently had the privilege and pleasure to work with a client coming through the issues of a failed on/off relationship.

Sometimes two people are not meant for each other.  This was the case for them.  The reason he found success in his coaching experience so quickly was down to his determination to learn and his curiosity about himself.

My marriage has been saved

I have recently had the privilege of working with a client over the space of  just 10 days.

She sent me this email today which she has given permission to be published:

Dear Linden

When I first met you I instantly liked and trusted you which is something that I don’t ordinarily feel about people. Then we got talking and I liked and trusted you even more. We would chat and you really got me, you got that I wasn’t happy in my relationship or happy in general.

read more……

Life Coaching Experience

One of my clients has been kind enough to write  about her experience of being coached by me.

These are her words:

When I went to Linden for life-coaching, I felt quite nervous at first, perhaps frightened. I was quite confused about what my problems were. Above all I thought she wouldn’t be able to help. How wrong I was. By the end of the first session I was feeling elated.

Linden asked me a series of questions, which didn’t always make sense to me, and sometimes I felt as if I was letting us both down by not being able to come up with answers. But this didn’t matter.

Slowly, she made me relax and concentrate on what she was saying. I don’t mean she hypnotised me or anything! I realised there were no wrong or right answers, and that is was alright to say ‘I don’t know’.


Other comments from clients who have sought my help:

“After a few sessions with Linden I’m now back with my husband and we are expecting another child.  She has helped me turn my marriage around.  I can’t thank her enough” – Rachel

“Since seeing Linden I’m now talking to my husband about our issues.”  Julie

“Linden helped me rebuild my confidence after my divorce.  I’m now in a new relationship thanks to her”  Sophie