Take charge of your emotional responses

How do you react when your partner is cross?

Is your immediate response to defend your own actions or do you take a moment to translate their words – not from your own perspective but from theirs?

Are you master of your emotional responses or a slave to them?

Many clients I see have created negative emotional responses which are not serving them.  They can be triggered by past events, how they learnt to respond from their parents and their basic character.  Many of these responses were created in order to keep them feeling safe.

Men and women also have different emotional responses.

Why?  Because men and women have different emotional needs within a relationship.

As a result, both people can feel unheard and misunderstood as their emotional needs are not recognised by the other.  Not because their partner is deliberately misunderstanding them but because neither has understood the emotional needs of the other.

For a relationship to thrive and grow each needs to understand how to emotionally understand their partner so they remain connected and love can thrive.

Always assume your partner’s intent is NOT to hurt you.

This applies all the time – even when they are angry or frustrated.  This is the time not to criticise or defend.  This is the time to give emotional support and to listen to learn.  To take a step up from emotionally reacting by focusing on yourself to focusing on them at that moment and how you can become the solution rather than the problem.

Relationships collapse and die when people focus on themselves.  This binds them to very few solutions and usually leaves them feeling stuck.

Relationships grow when each partner learns how to master their emotions.

You can become Master of your Emotions once you learn how. You then need to practice to break the old outdated pattern you relied on before.

If you would like to learn how then get in contact.  It’s not as difficult as you may think.