From tailspin to exciting future

I had the privilege of working with Mark over the last 3 months. Mark had become someone that he didn’t particularly like in his attempts to rescue his marriage.  As a result his marriage had failed.  In the time he spent with me Mark has transformed his life and is now living his life as he should.  He has given himself challenges and has already succeeded in several.

He has been kind enough to let me know about his experience and share it with you:

I was in a very dark place when I found  Linden. My wife had told me she wanted to separate, didn’t love me anymore, after 13 years of marriage and two lovely young kids. I was devastated, my whole world turned upside down and no words I used were changing my wife’s way of thinking. I was helpless. I searched for answers on line, attended Relate, all futile and I remained in a tail spin.

I knew we needed something different and spoke with you Linden.  I remember our first session, I thought you were going to ‘fix’ everything, you  were  to use some magic words that would trigger my wife into loving me again and you would save my marriage. How misguided, immature and desperate was I.

Each time I met with you I learned more and more about myself, I became curious and wanted to discover everything, who I had become, and why and to discover what I really wanted. Over the 3 months I worked with you I have learned so many things about myself; how to really listen, communicate, be authentic and above all understand who I truly am.

I have no idea what the future brings for my family, what I do know is that I love my wife enough to let her fly, I will show my son how to be a man and enable my daughter to be feminine and teach them what I have learned through our sessions.

Linden, you have helped me enormously from being a fumbling wreck to the man I am today, I can’t thank you enough for  steering me through one hell of a journey. Here’s to exciting times ahead.

If, like Mark, you feel you are in a similar situation  and would love to discover how to create your own exciting future and transform your life, then please do get in contact.