Ladies – your vulnerability is your key to success

Many women see vulnerability as weak and unsuccessful.  Especially in these days of equal jobs when women are striving for recognition in the work place - which is rightly theirs.  But this can take over in all aspects of their lives as they become a force to be reckoned with at home as well. How many men can be heard saying "As long as I do as she says everything is fine".  Is this really how you wish to be seen by the person you love and adore?  Maybe it is - in which case that's fine if … [Read more...]

Ladies – do you allow yourself to be feminine?

In this day and age of equality in the workplace and women moving up the management ladder it's very easy for them to feel they should take control of everything in their path. So if you're the fixer and solver during the day, are you still being the vulnerable feminine you in the evening?  If you're not and you find you're taking over this could be bad news for your relationship as the man in your life could well end up feeling insignificant and not able to be who he is designed to be - the … [Read more...]