What rules do you have to meet your values?

Do you set impossible rules for your values.  If you do you could be finding that you aren't that happy. Let me give you some examples. If your rule for Success is to have £1 million in the bank then as soon as the amount falls below £1 million (even by a £1) you're going to feel frustrated and unsuccessful.  Now this might be great for your business but if this is your hard-and-fast rule for life then it could be affecting your relationship, your health and lots of other areas of your … [Read more...]

Value the difference

How often have you wished that everyone saw the world the way you see it? It's all perfectly clear to you - what's right and what's wrong!   The world through your eyes seems perfectly logical and sensible to you. So when someone close suddenly comes up with a different way of seeing what's going on around you it can be surprising at best and scary at worst. It can be that surreal moment when your partner tells you that as far as they're concerned your future together is either over or … [Read more...]

Values and Needs

Regardless of your situation or the problems you feel you have, one of the most important things to find out is what your values are and how these are met. This is why I devote a great deal of time to assisting my clients to find out what theirs are.  Until they are clear on what their top values are then they have little chance of changing how they're feeling. Why?  Because they don't know how to! It may all seem rather confusing to begin with, but that's where we work together so the … [Read more...]

Are you growing?

Growth is an essential part of being a human being. Everyone needs growth in their  lives or they start to 'die'. So many see growth as taking up new hobbies  or physical challenges and nothing more.  Whilst these are important and also fun, inner growth can be so much more and brings many rewards. Relationships need to grow to prosper.  If they don't then the couple start to drift apart and eventually the relationship will die. The 'trick' is to anticipate and by that I mean Be … [Read more...]

Is being ‘right’ always the answer

Is being right the most important thing to you and if so why?  Do you ride rough-shod over other people's ideas and opinions rather than listen and consider there just might be different solutions? So often individuals hang on to their version of the truth and their constructed belief because to let go and listen to what they envisage could be a conflicting opinion would be just too scary. But if the belief is constructed from a position of fear then its basis is lying on quick-sand.  If … [Read more...]