Check in with your emotional responses and triggers

We all have emotional responses to situations or actions by others.  This is normal.  However, have you ever noticed that some people's responses can seem, to you either 'over-reactive' or, alternatively, far better than yours? How you react to a situation is unique to you. You will have created emotional responses to situations throughout your life.  Some will have been created early on,  maybe to protect you from, say, being teased, or to keep you safe from a harsh environment at home or … [Read more...]

Are you riding a roller-coaster of emotions?

This can be hard when you’re in the middle of a sudden relationship collapse You’re feeling fine and are enjoying life and then suddenly, for what appears to be no apparent reason, you can find yourself descending into a state of gloom, despondency, apathy or despair. In fact it seems this roller-coaster of emotions can attack without warning.  But something will have triggered this.  It could be anything.  A phrase or word someone has used.  A memory triggered by seeing or hearing or even … [Read more...]