Is the Sexual Connection in your Relationship Right For You Both?

Many couples I see in my sessions have lost sexual connection.  Some tell me they have had no sexual connection or intimacy for years. They may have convinced themselves that sex and passion dies over time and so they shouldn't expect it to last.  If that works for both of you then that's fine.  There is no right or wrong unless one of you is feeling unloved or isolated.  When one of you is yearning for more sex then it is important to find ways to reconnect you both so both your needs and … [Read more...]

We’ve become Friends rather than Lovers

A significant problem for couples in crisis is those who have become friends rather than lovers. I hear this all too often from the couples who come to my sessions seeking answers and help to the feelings of disconnection in their relationship.  The sexual connection has died and one or both feel they are now living with their best friend. This is not helped by what 'society' tells us - that sexual connection dies over time and this happens to 'all' marriages. Some couples will seek … [Read more...]