We all get the same day!

We each get the same number of hours in the day (24) to do with as we wish.  The question I'm posing today is how are you going to spend the next 24? You see a great deal of the time we spend wasting those precious hours going over past issues and problems - re-hashing the story in our minds and putting our own spin on what happened.  We can so easily create a whole lot of fiction based on how we felt at the time and then creating a story of how the other person felt and what they said and … [Read more...]

How do you see yourself?

Although this video is about women, I hope the men also watch as it will give them guidance on how some women can see themselves "You are more beautiful than you think" … [Read more...]

Are you taking charge of your future?

How often have you day-dreamed a wonderful future only to then spend many unproductive hours talking yourself out of it?  All those excuses you've come up with which put you off taking action! All that energy used up in coming up with a mass of reasons for not doing something. So rather than stick at this point, I'd like you to begin to take charge of your future by asking yourself the following questions: What do I want and why? What actions do I need to take to give me what I … [Read more...]