If you’re feeling pain and resentment, do you know why?

This is probably not a question that anyone in a marriage with problems actually takes time to ask themselves. Why? Well they know they feel hurt, angry or resentful with their partner and they know they feel this way because of the way their partner is behaving or by something they've said. If the anger or frustration has been building over a number of months or even years then without realising it they're on the look out for confirmation of their feelings. There's a fair chance they're … [Read more...]

Be totally committed to your partner

When couples first get married they exchange vows, they commit and then quite often they let life take over. I'd like you to consider whether you are doing this in your marriage.  If you are then also consider would you do this in other aspects of your life? Do you also do this at work?  Or do you have a goal?  A career goal.  Did you have a plan when you first started work that was going to improve your salary and your working life?  It might have been a goal to become a supervisor or … [Read more...]