Coaching benefitted many areas of his life

Over the past few months I have been working with a young man coaching him through various emotional issues. His relationships were not giving him what he needed and his reliance on them meant he couldn't move forward and meet the goals he desired in several areas of his life. His dedication to the process we worked through and his determination to achieve what was there for him to grasp has been impressive. I have recently received this email from him: During my time with Linden we … [Read more...]

Free yourself to become the best version of you

If you are unable to be the best version of you in your relationship then your relationship will suffer. Finding out what matters to you is vital if your relationship is failing.  So often couples create behaviours which are counter to what they believe. They then use these behaviours to fix their problems only to find they get worse. This is not a surprise.  Unless you understand how to be you and what it takes to be the best version of you then how will you get the best from your partner … [Read more...]

Is fear paralysing your decision making?

When things are going wrong in a marriage or relationship it is so easy to end up in a state of paralysis.  So easy to be so scared of doing the wrong thing, or making the wrong decision, that we end up doing nothing at all. Of course doing nothing isn't going to solve the problem.  So this adds to the anxiety and stress.  Now the person is in a real dilemma.  Frequently, at this stage, they feel there are only two active options open to them.  These could be "Fight or Flight", … [Read more...]

If you blame others then you abdicate your responsibility

I am sure many of us have come across the blamers. They blame everyone around them for their woes.   "If Only....."  is a frequent cry! OK there are occasions when blame is justified..... but..... If this becomes a habit then I suggest it's about time to take stock and consider. If you're continually blaming someone for something then basically,  you've  handed control over to them for your well-being or the outcome you desire.  You're no longer responsible for you.  The other person … [Read more...]

Do you have a good relationship with you?

Good relationships don't stay good without a deep and committed understanding of yourself and who you are and then an equally deep understanding of your partner. So my question today is Do you have a good relationship with you? Unless you are totally sure of who you are, what makes you happy and how you want to live your life and you are content within yourself,  then the chances of living in a successful, stress-free, loving relationship are going to be reduced. We all have different … [Read more...]