Trade and your relationship could fail

Today I want you to think about your relationship and your part in it. What are YOU contributing to it and how? I would also like you to think about the title of this post. Trade and your relationship could fail So what do I mean by trade?  Trading means focusing on yourself and what you expect to get back from your partner if you behave in a certain way or do various things. Trading, if practised most of the time, DOES NOT WORK IN THE LONG-TERM. Many relationships end up in this place.  … [Read more...]

How concerned are you about your Relationship?

Relationship Tip Today I want you to ask yourself the question: How concerned am I about my Relationship? To help you answer this question and give you some indicators I am giving you an important Relationship Tip Exercise You'll need a couple of sheets of paper On the first sheet write down all the things you focus your energy on during your day.  You should include anything, and everything, for instance:  The weather, the state of economy, your journey to work, the behaviour of your … [Read more...]

Relationship Tips – Part 2

Following on from my post earlier this week here are some more Relationship Tips.  These will help you take your relationship to the next level. Listen to Learn rather than listen to reply Expect the same from yourself as you do from your partner If you are unhappy then be aware your partner is unhappy too Discover your needs and how they need to be met Discover your partner's needs and how they need to be met Are you doing anything to hurt your relationship?  If so ask yourself … [Read more...]

Some Relationship Tips

The most important part of our lives is, for most of us, our relationship with our partner.  To maintain a close relationship, it is important to understand that relationships don't just happen, they are created.  They are created by a close and committed understanding of what our partner needs from the relationship and how to meet those needs.  How to be the person who adds value to their life and who they feel good being with.  This is very easy at the start of a passionate relationship.  The … [Read more...]

Is your Past Affecting Your Now?

Today I want to talk to you about your past and ask you the important question "Is your Past affecting your Now?". Many couples I see are struggling to be connected at a deeper level because one of them is attempting to control the environment to such an extent that the other feels stifled and unable to be themselves.  The partner who is 'controlling' is living in fear that unless they control as much of their environment as they can they will feel unsafe, insecure and, in some cases, very … [Read more...]