My Partner Doesn’t Understand Me

How often have I heard that statement.  Clients come to see me with "My Partner Doesn't Understand Me" as their focus on their relationship. They tell me they feel they've been banging their head against a brick wall and don't feel heard, understood or noticed. The problem is we each have a unique view of the world and our understanding of it.  The only way we can make sense of the world is to call on our resources and 'make a match' to a similar or past event - or, when this isn't … [Read more...]

The answer to your problems is probably not what you think

Are you sure you know what’s causing the problems you’re experiencing right now? You see so often the actual problem is not the what you think it is. Let’s consider the following example: Jennifer works as a security guard.  She is in charge of unlocking the building every morning. All doors are controlled by an access control system and no-one can gain entry without a badge which can also be time controlled.  This allows some staff access earlier than others. Abigail is a cook.  She … [Read more...]

The Circle of Uncertainty

One of my hobbies is gliding.  A hobby I've enjoyed since I was a teenager.  The wonderful thing you learn is that staying airborne is a skill - dependant on the conditions around you and how to get the best from them - ie the weather,  the land you're flying over at the time, and, clearly, the best from the glider you are flying. Back in the days when I learnt to fly there were no GPS guidance systems.  You had to rely on a map.  There were no mobile phones but we did have radios.  I … [Read more...]