What makes a relationship passionate?

For a relationship to be passionate a couple needs to understand their differences.  A relationship works based on things you have in common.  Passion comes from your differences. So what do I mean by that? Men and women run a different model of the world.  They communicate differently and they have different needs and work from different energies.  Masculine and feminine energies. Both men and women have desires.  How those desires are met are different for the two sexes.  For women … [Read more...]

Is the Sexual Connection in your Relationship Right For You Both?

Many couples I see in my sessions have lost sexual connection.  Some tell me they have had no sexual connection or intimacy for years. They may have convinced themselves that sex and passion dies over time and so they shouldn't expect it to last.  If that works for both of you then that's fine.  There is no right or wrong unless one of you is feeling unloved or isolated.  When one of you is yearning for more sex then it is important to find ways to reconnect you both so both your needs and … [Read more...]

Why do couples lose connection?

I am sure you remember that moment when you first met and the world took on a 'rosy glow'!  You felt that nothing would ever change how you felt about each other and yours was going to be the relationship that lasted forever. Now things don't seem so wonderful and the passion and excitement you felt seems to have dwindled and almost died. So what's happened? You've asked your friends and been given their view - which will probably have included words like "Well of course passion dies … [Read more...]

Do you know what your partner needs?

Today I'm asking you the question: Do you know what your partner needs to feel so you can both create lasting passion for your relationship? It seems that most people believe that passion dies over time.  That any long-term relationship is bound to turn into just being close friends and that intimacy will go for good. Why should that be?  Should intimacy be the sole right of the young or newly married? The problem is that over time couples often forget to truly engage with each other. … [Read more...]

Be totally committed to your partner

When couples first get married they exchange vows, they commit and then quite often they let life take over. I'd like you to consider whether you are doing this in your marriage.  If you are then also consider would you do this in other aspects of your life? Do you also do this at work?  Or do you have a goal?  A career goal.  Did you have a plan when you first started work that was going to improve your salary and your working life?  It might have been a goal to become a supervisor or … [Read more...]