Be totally committed to your partner

When couples first get married they exchange vows, they commit and then quite often they let life take over. I'd like you to consider whether you are doing this in your marriage.  If you are then also consider would you do this in other aspects of your life? Do you also do this at work?  Or do you have a goal?  A career goal.  Did you have a plan when you first started work that was going to improve your salary and your working life?  It might have been a goal to become a supervisor or … [Read more...]

Are arguments killing your passion for each other

We all argue!   In fact arguments are a sign we care, that we do feel passionate. But arguments can become destructive. Especially if you both 'fight' to be 'right'.  If you both have to be the winner or one of you concedes purely for an easy life then problems won't be far off, as now you're beginning to lose respect. Once you start to lose respect for your partner then you won't be attaching feelings of pleasure when you're with them.  Hurt, lack of trust, and pain are creeping … [Read more...]

Is your relationship suffering from role reversal?

If this is the case then your marriage/relationship could well be suffering. Generally speaking a man's primary desire is to protect, care and cherish his woman.  Most women will need this to enable them to be the woman they're designed to be, to feel safe and secure and so allow them to be feminine. However, if this is not happening then the woman's masculine side will start to take over.  She can become very 'controlling' in order to protect herself.  In most cases she won't be totally … [Read more...]

Are you meeting each other’s needs

If your relationship is in crisis or not as passionate as you believe it should be then the chances are  you are not meeting each other's needs. Now,  you may think you are, but continuing doing what you have been doing is unlikely to improve things. Most men need to feel they're pleasing their partner.  Most women need to feel loved in the way that is right for them - protected and cherished is a good start. Finding out what each other's needs are and how each of you believes those … [Read more...]