Why do people cheat?

Why is it that a relationship or marriage which started out with such hope and love falls apart?  Why is it one or other of you cheats?  What do I mean by cheating? Before I answer these questions I want it to be absolutely clear.  Having an affair is never the answer. Now to those questions.  I will answer them in order. Why do relationships fall apart? For men and women the answer is often very different.   However, the deep rooted cause is to do with meeting our needs.  If our needs … [Read more...]

Solve your Marriage Crisis With These Stages

The Emotional Stages you need to Experience as you invest in your Marriage and resolve your Marriage Crisis Just to be clear before I get into this post I refer throughout to marriage crisis.  I do this to avoid making each statement too long-winded or confusing.  These stages equally apply to anyone in a relationship crisis whether you are married or not. It is up to you how quickly you take these steps.  I know for some it takes courage.  People can feel daunted, lost and a bit scared.  … [Read more...]

Marriage Crisis – is it really too late

I'm frequently told by one partner that the problems are unsolvable and their marriage crisis is now too late to save. But is it? No two people in an unhappy relationship will see the problems in the same way.  Frequently one partner has been feeling unhappy for longer than the other.  To avoid further pain this person may have closed down their emotions and is now feeling emotionally numb. My work with them is to find out how they reached this point.  Often what I am told initially isn't … [Read more...]

Change can appear difficult at times

The one thing that all the couples I see have in common is that they've been doing something in past  - either recently - or over several years, which has resulted in their marriage ending up in crisis. The second thing they all have in common is their desire to find the truth about their relationship and their wish to find if there is a way to rescue them from marital crisis and reconnect so their future together is something they both want. Discovering what has caused their marital … [Read more...]