Can our Broken Marriage be Saved?

I see couples with many different problems in my sessions.  Often they come to me in a last ditch attempt to find out if their broken marriage can be saved.  Frequently they have tried other forms of counselling before giving themselves one last shot. Most have lost sight of who they are and why they are with their spouse. As a result they are each focussing on their own particular needs and not those of their partner. This leads to endless arguments loss of … [Read more...]

A Break up doesn’t have to mean you breakdown

It's natural to feel a range of emotions when a marriage or significant relationship comes to an end. Especially if that end was sudden. You may find yourself experiencing a whole range of emotions  - as I've described before in earlier posts. It is important to look after yourself at times like this. Even if it's hard make sure you're eating enough.  Small amounts can often be easier than a full 3 course meal.  So snack through the day if you find meals difficult. Get some … [Read more...]