Don’t let a relationship break-up ruin your life

The shock of a relationship break-up is like being in a car crash without any signs of physical damage.  Especially when the collapse is sudden and not expected. The result can often find one person plunged into a black hole which leaves them unable to find their way out. The feelings you had for your partner are questioned.  You hate them for what they've done but you still love them.  You are incredulous that they've just 'walked away' from all you've built.  You hurt like you've never … [Read more...]

Now you’ve split – Are you asking yourself great questions?

This can be very difficult in the middle of a marriage break up. Many people find themselves in such a place of pain they don't know which way to turn or how to get out of the bleak hole they feel they are in. Part of the solution is to ask yourself great questions.  Now what do I mean by this? Well  asking questions like "Why do I feel like this?"   or "How come this has happened to me?"  won't give very good answers.  Yes you'll give yourself answers but not great ones.  Why?  Because … [Read more...]

A Break up doesn’t have to mean you breakdown

It's natural to feel a range of emotions when a marriage or significant relationship comes to an end. Especially if that end was sudden. You may find yourself experiencing a whole range of emotions  - as I've described before in earlier posts. It is important to look after yourself at times like this. Even if it's hard make sure you're eating enough.  Small amounts can often be easier than a full 3 course meal.  So snack through the day if you find meals difficult. Get some … [Read more...]