Love is not about Control

Many couples who come to see me looking for answers to their relationship problems complain that one of them has assumed control.  Again and again I hear one say that they feel controlled by the other. This applies to both men and women - so it is by no means the norm these days to hear the woman say she is being controlled by her man. Love is not about Control On the contrary it's about freedom and enjoying each other's differences and appreciating each other's strengths.  It's learning to … [Read more...]

Is a lack of polarity killing your relationship?

Many couples who come to my sessions are looking for reasons as to why they no longer feel passionate about each other. Many tell me they love and care for each other deeply but they feel the loss of intimacy and the closeness they had when they first met.  They will even justify their feelings as, for example, due to work commitments; busy with children who take up all their time and energy; the belief held by so many that passion dies with time and most marriages end up with the partners … [Read more...]

What men want…….

What men want is often not only what many women think they want! It's not all about sex and intimacy!  Yes, of course, that's very important and it's a known fact that men think of sex far more often than women, but a man's needs go beyond this. First and foremost A man needs to know when he is successful with you and when he makes you happy. If he feels he can't so this then he will feel a failure.   So let him know when he's done something well.  It's very easy to ignore the good … [Read more...]

Where is your relationship today?

How you focus on your relationship will have a massive effect on the type of relationship you have and how connected you are in your relationship.  Many couples disconnect over time and then wonder why they no longer experience the intimacy and connection they had when they first met. Let me explain in more detail by asking you to look at the following levels of where you could be today. I look to meet my needs first or I look to meet my needs without consideration of those of my … [Read more...]

Are you the you, you want to be?

More to the point if you were your partner would you want to live with you? So many couples who come to my sessions are living a life which is not going to give them a successful relationship.  Many blame each other for a myriad of behaviours and problems that have - in their words - destroyed the connection they once had. Now they feel that the relationship has probably died and the only option is to move on and start again.  But they're not certain if that solution is the right … [Read more...]