Do you have the confidence needed to repair your relationship?

Today I want to connect with the couples who want to find out how to create the confidence to repair their relationship. Let me explain. It takes confidence and a strong desire to fix a relationship that is suffering or 'on the ropes'.  Many people are scared to do this.  Scared they could be wrong and that 'someone' is going to tell them so and 'tick them off'.  This stops a great number of people (couples and individuals) from seeking help.  Time and again I am told by clients that they … [Read more...]

My partner puts me down

I am often told by one or other of the people in my sessions that they feel put down by their partner.  For the one who feels this, this is a horrible place to be.  Feelings of failure, not being good enough and other negative emotions can easily dominate their mind.  Long term this will cause them to close down to their partner and withdraw. There are two sides to this issue: Are you the one who is running the put-down? If you are the one who frequently tells your partner they're wrong or … [Read more...]

Are you overprotecting your partner?

Overprotecting your partner is one of the patterns of behaviour that help destroy a relationship. Many couples who come to me for help discover they have created this dynamic of overprotection for each other. Protection for each other is, of course, a good thing.  But when it becomes intrusive or overprotecting then problems can arise. Some overprotecting examples Women can become over-protectors.  When a woman does this it can feel normal and the right thing to do. However, ladies, by … [Read more...]

From disconnection to reconnection

Couples can easily get lost in their relationship.  If you do not feel valued within it then you will feel disconnected from it.  We all need to feel connected. When you feel your relationship is not working you will look to meet that connection elsewhere.  This is what happened to this couple.  In their case in the form of an affair. Affairs rarely solve the issues.  However by learning why the affair happened this couple turned their relationship around and learned how not only to reconnect … [Read more...]

Are your behaviours designed to attract your partner?

My question to you today is are you creating behaviours within you which will attract your partner? You see when you first meet you are!  In the beginning, you are in 'marketing mode'.  You want your partner to be attracted to you and so you create behaviours which will attract. You fall in love and believe that now nothing can possibly go wrong.  Well, actually you are wrong. Life can get in the way and behaviours can easily change What do I mean by life? Jobs Hobbies … [Read more...]