What is your definition of success?

The definition of success is different for all of us! For some it will be to own a flash car, big house and have pots of money in the bank. For someone else it will doing a job they get immense satisfaction from doing. Yet others it will be to have a passionate loving relationship. And for some - just being alive is success in itself. In this current consumer driven age we are all encouraged to be successful.  Yet rarely is it explained what that actually means.  The result is … [Read more...]

The Initial Shock of Relationship breakup

The initial aftermath of a relationship breakup can be scary. People all react in different ways and unless the breakup was mutual one person in the relationship is going to experience some fairly strong reactions.  Violent mood swings are common - and natural.  I know - I went through them. So now experiencing various levels of pain what does the 'injured party' do? Some rush off and become incredibly busy Some hide away and mope Some eat -  some don't eat Some cry uncontrollably … [Read more...]