Inner conflict can affect your relationship

Wanting it all is a concept many people experience.  But this can cause an inner conflict which can affect your relationship. What do I mean by this?  Well take someone who has a great family life - a loving partner and children, but who also wants to follow their dream.  Following their dream will require prolonged times away from their family.  So they decide to put their dream first and their family second. Now the person they promised to share their life with feels they are no longer … [Read more...]

Does your belief in how life should be equal how life actually is?

We all have beliefs on how each part of our life should be.  Career, family, lifestyle, fitness, how we look, relationship, finances........... Most of us will have created these beliefs or blueprints as we grew up. We created a vision, a map of the world, of how we wanted and desired our world to be in various areas. We then worked and strived to achieve the life according to the blueprint we had set in our mind. But life doesn't always deliver does it!  Something can happen in an area … [Read more...]

Life’s blows can be overcome

Life can dish out some blows which can seem insurmountable. Something can happen which seems desperately unfair, unjust, incredibly painful...... For those who are finding life tough right now I offer you this video: The man with no arms or legs: Nick Vujicic   I hope it helps you focus on the wonder that you have.  You are special and you're future is special to. To your future   … [Read more...]

Do you have a memory you keep revisiting?

A story or memory which you repeat to yourself over and over again to explain why life is the way it is? Any memory you revisit or retell yourself becomes more and more powerful This will influence your future decisions and life experiences Ask yourself – Is this something I want to influence my future? Is this something affecting  my relationship? Is this something affecting my behaviour and my decisions? Is it something you want to live with for the rest of your life? Are … [Read more...]

How do you see yourself?

Although this video is about women, I hope the men also watch as it will give them guidance on how some women can see themselves "You are more beautiful than you think" … [Read more...]