Connect with your True Identity

I see many couples and individuals in my sessions who have lost connection with their true identity.  Many say to me they've become someone they don't like and have lost touch with the person they were.  This feeling of lost identity shows up in feeling stuck, lost, scared and, very frequently, resorting to behaviours that do nothing to help them or their partner. My job in these situations is to help my client Connect with their True Identity. He or she then feels safe.  Safe to be who they … [Read more...]

Do you love you?

By asking you the question "do you love you?" Some of you will now be visualising the woman or man who is completely self-absorbed and pleased with themselves and doesn't give any thought to others around them.  This is not what I mean by loving yourself. Some people find it easy to love themselves and some don't.  What is essential is you must love you before you can love anyone else.  To love the person you are, the way you are, the values you have together with the idiosyncrasies you have … [Read more...]

If you blame others then you abdicate your responsibility

I am sure many of us have come across the blamers. They blame everyone around them for their woes.   "If Only....."  is a frequent cry! OK there are occasions when blame is justified..... but..... If this becomes a habit then I suggest it's about time to take stock and consider. If you're continually blaming someone for something then basically,  you've  handed control over to them for your well-being or the outcome you desire.  You're no longer responsible for you.  The other person … [Read more...]