Have Hope and Have Courage

Courage brought you to this website.  Courage and Hope. Courage started you searching for solutions and answers to your problems.  Hope for an answer drove you on. But the next bit takes more courage.   You've probably found several websites, some similar to this one, which have got masses of helpful advice; suggestions of books to read; ideas to help you move forward and resolve your issues. You may have already read some of the books, talked matters over with family and friends, and, … [Read more...]

Life’s blows can be overcome

Life can dish out some blows which can seem insurmountable. Something can happen which seems desperately unfair, unjust, incredibly painful...... For those who are finding life tough right now I offer you this video: The man with no arms or legs: Nick Vujicic   I hope it helps you focus on the wonder that you have.  You are special and you're future is special to. To your future   … [Read more...]