Does your belief in how life should be equal how life actually is?

We all have beliefs on how each part of our life should be.  Career, family, lifestyle, fitness, how we look, relationship, finances........... Most of us will have created these beliefs or blueprints as we grew up. We created a vision, a map of the world, of how we wanted and desired our world to be in various areas. We then worked and strived to achieve the life according to the blueprint we had set in our mind. But life doesn't always deliver does it!  Something can happen in an area … [Read more...]

Focus on what you want not on what you had

I put this on my Facebook page a few days ago.  (To follow me go to my page and then click Like) I am now going to expand on this To enable  you to concentrate your focus on what you want.  You have to know what you want.  So set this as your goal. There are, however, Good Goals and not-so-good goals. A Good Goal: A good goal focuses on the future. It puts you in charge of you and the entire process. It should make you buzz! It should and must give you happiness. After all … [Read more...]

Life Coaching experience

One of my clients has been kind enough to write  about her experience of being coached by me. These are her words: When I went to Linden for life coaching, I felt quite nervous at first, perhaps frightened. I was quite confused about what my problems were. Above all I thought she wouldn't be able to help. How wrong I was. By the end of the first session I was feeling elated. Linden asked me a series of questions, which didn't always make sense to me, and sometimes I felt as if I was … [Read more...]