How you see life is unique to you

Today I want you to think about how you see life.  Because how you see life is unique to you.  You will have created your 'map of the world' based on where you grew up.  How you grew up.  Who was around you as you grew up and your interpretation of events within your life to-date. Hold that thought now and now ask yourself how often do you find yourself irritated, annoyed or hurt that your partner doesn't see life the way you do over some things or events. The answer is, of course, they … [Read more...]

Relationships need to find their feet in their own way

This post is mainly for those just starting out in a committed relationship; those about to be married or newly-weds.  For those who have been married for a time,  I recommend you read it too as we can all fall into bad habits. A relationship which isn't growing is stagnant and will eventually die. Like most things in life growth is essential for survival. So how do you get growth? It's in times of stress, strain, conflict - even illness - that a relationship has the opportunity for an … [Read more...]

Change can appear difficult at times

The one thing that all the couples I see have in common is that they've been doing something in past  - either recently - or over several years, which has resulted in their marriage ending up in crisis. The second thing they all have in common is their desire to find the truth about their relationship and their wish to find if there is a way to rescue them from marital crisis and reconnect so their future together is something they both want. Discovering what has caused their marital … [Read more...]

What makes you extraordinary?

We all have gifts, abilities and strengths -  there will be some thing you are brilliant at which leaves those around you in awe - but to you comes as 2nd nature! It's easy to see it in others isn't it!  The brilliant business man, the wonderful singer, the amazing actor.....   and it's also very easy to wish to be like them!   But the only difference between them and you is they found their passion and skill and threw themselves into it. But believe it or not they won't be good at … [Read more...]

What if you decided….

What if you decided to make it your mission to find out your partner's interpretation of the truth before you decided that yours was the only possible one available? We all create our own version of the truth.  We can't help it!   Why?  Because we each have our own unique map of the world, how we react to differing circumstances, what we perceive -  created by what we hear and see and feel - and so create an outcome that meets our values and beliefs. There's a good chance that your … [Read more...]