What are you doing today?

My question to you today is:  What are you doing today?  And no I don't mean the normal everyday stuff or even where you are and what you have planned!  What I'd like you to think about is What are you doing today to give you the future you want?  Or, more importantly, what are you NOT doing today? We can all make To Do lists where we create fantastic visions of a future we want.  Having made the list so often we look at it in admiration but then do very little to make it become a … [Read more...]

Create the life you want and deserve

It sounds easy doesn't it.  You decide to follow your dream:  Do a job you love, surround yourself with friends, create a family for yourself and life will be great.  Oh yes and earn money to enable all this to happen securely. Great goals to have and I hope you are achieving all the ones you can to give you the life you want.  But what happens when things don't go according to plan?  When the goals you created several years ago aren't the ones you think you want now? This happens to many … [Read more...]

A really good Goal

A challenging post! I’ve written before about finding a good goal.  ~When life, in whatever guise,  has given you a knock this can be difficult to grasp. So this is my take on it. A Good Goal: A good goal focuses on the future. It puts you in charge of you and the entire process. It should make you buzz! It should and must give you happiness. After all ultimately that’s what we all want. It could also include a sense of achievement! Overcoming the odds. Proving something to … [Read more...]

Do you have a dream?

Today I want to focus you all on the future - your future. So my questions to you both are Do you or Did you have a Dream?  Do you share that Dream? If your answer is Yes  - then my next question is "Are you still following it?" If your answer is No - then my next question is "Why not?" You see if we don't have a plan for our future then there is nowhere for our relationship to grow.  So many couples don't make many plans beyond the wedding day or possibly the intention to have … [Read more...]

“Take up” rather than “Give up” this New Year

At this time of year we can be bombarded with suggestions for our New Year's Resolutions.  A great number of them propose giving up something. "Giving up" can be difficult.  The words imply loss in some shape or form.   They can conjure up a feeling that we are about to face a struggle, hard work or tough times. For this reason I'm not really sold on "Giving up". So my proposal to you is how about "Taking up" this New Year. Here are some of my suggestions: Take up asking … [Read more...]