The future is a blank canvas

This was said to me several years ago.  Losing sight of a good, exciting future is easy to do when problems erupt around you.  Refocusing and aligning yourself with the thought that the future is a blank canvas is a good starting point. Because the future is a blank canvas.  A canvas you can make as large as you like.  On this canvas you can create the future you want, the future of your dreams.  All you have to do is discover how.  From a place of possibilities you can design what you want … [Read more...]

Create your future

I hope you managed to carry out yesterday's exercise.  If not then please read my post and have a go! Today I'm going to suggest a few ways in which you can Create Your Future.  By that I mean the future you want - not the future anyone else wants for you but the one you want. By now you should have your lists of areas of your life and what's good about each one of them. I'd like you to now share each one of them with the person they most relate to.  OK if walking the dog is one then I … [Read more...]

Scared of the future

Are you scared of the future? Many people I see are hung up about what the future holds for them.  They see  future as more of what they have today. They see the future as more of what they had yesterday.  When in fact none of us know what the future holds. Many people get so fixated on what might happen tomorrow that they forget to enjoy today or, come to that, do anything about today so tomorrow will be better. Those that do take action often do so from this place of fear.  They … [Read more...]

Why are you fearful of the future?

There will be a reason why you are fearful of the future with your partner. Your future with your partner should be one of shared passion, excitement and adventure - in whatever way that means to you. If it doesn't and you actually feel rather scared that what you have now is boring or not that interesting then now is the time to find out why? No one wants to face a future that actually doesn't give them what they want. There is a distinct possibility that you've stopped being your true … [Read more...]

Do you have a dream?

Today I want to focus you all on the future - your future. So my questions to you both are Do you or Did you have a Dream?  Do you share that Dream? If your answer is Yes  - then my next question is "Are you still following it?" If your answer is No - then my next question is "Why not?" You see if we don't have a plan for our future then there is nowhere for our relationship to grow.  So many couples don't make many plans beyond the wedding day or possibly the intention to have … [Read more...]