Your day is yours to use as you choose

This is a repost from an earlier one which I want to bring to your attention today.  Your day is yours to use as you choose.  It is important sometimes to remind ourselves that this is so. Before I expand on the title of this post I acknowledge that each person's predicament is different and so their challenges are also unique.  For some, the challenges are out of their control due to where they live or external forces.  These are not the people I am talking about today.  However, that being … [Read more...]

Use Language to Focus You

Did you know that the language you use to talk to yourself will create your focus.  This applies in ALL situations and ALL the time. In today's post I want you to transform your day by the language you use.  I want you to: Use language to focus you So what do I mean?  So often we create our own problems by how we talk to ourselves.  Our use of language has a direct impact on our emotional state - from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and second to second.  Our focus becomes the … [Read more...]

What we focus on is what we feel

What we focus on is what we feel and what we feel creates an emotional state within us which then colours our life and how we view it - especially our emotional life - our relationships. So what do I mean by focus. When an individual in a relationship ends up in crisis part of what has happened is their focus has shifted from their desire to make their partner happy to frequently focusing on what they are not getting.  Having shifted their focus away from giving and making their partner … [Read more...]

Are You Creating A Great Future?

My Question to you this morning is "Are you creating a great future for you and your partner"? Or alternatively are you actually muddling along and hoping that somewhere 'down the line' life will improve. I talk a great deal here about focus.  The reason is focus is so important to how we live our lives.  Focus and how we focus is actually key.  Not only key to the type of future we give ourselves but key to how we get there. Let me give you an example.  If someone is poor and doesn't … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Challenged Your Story?

We all tell ourselves stories: Life is the way it is I am the way I am Life is a battle I am not intelligent I can't achieve more than I already have I'm unlovable I'll never succeed etc. We tell ourselves stories to keep ourselves safe. We believe the story we tell ourselves. We then find evidence to back up our belief and so accept any bad situation as our normality. We create our own limiting beliefs. So my question to you today is Have you ever challenged your story?  … [Read more...]