Things ain’t what they used to be…

When you look back at the start of your relationship you will probably remember how wonderful you felt and how amazing your partner was.  Nothing could possibly go wrong.  And yet maybe for some of you reading this post the statement that comes to mind is Things ain't what they used to be Where did it all go wrong.  Why do one or both of you now feel so differently.  Some people will tell you that feelings change with time and you cannot expect to feel the same as you did then.  Inferring that … [Read more...]

Make every day of the year Valentine’s Day

Now there's a thought! I know, the men reading this are thinking - No Way!  I can't afford the flowers and special treats! But that's not what I'm proposing. By making your partner the most important person in your life and your relationship the most important aspect of your life every day of the year then every day becomes important and special.  And in its own way that's what Valentine's day is all about.  It's that day when our relationship is pushed into sharp focus. It's the day … [Read more...]

Are you living your today as if it was yesterday?

Our experience and model of the world is created by experiences, events and our reactions at the time to those moments.  Our minds will have created a connection linking the event to a feeling.  This process goes on all the time - whether we are aware of it or not.  We learn and develop based on these experiences.  Good and Bad.  For each of us, of course, these connections will be unique.  This makes each and everyone of us unique. This is why just thinking of a wonderful, happy event can … [Read more...]

If you blame others then you abdicate your responsibility

I am sure many of us have come across the blamers. They blame everyone around them for their woes.   "If Only....."  is a frequent cry! OK there are occasions when blame is justified..... but..... If this becomes a habit then I suggest it's about time to take stock and consider. If you're continually blaming someone for something then basically,  you've  handed control over to them for your well-being or the outcome you desire.  You're no longer responsible for you.  The other person … [Read more...]