What do you value in your life?

Today I want you to think about what you value in life.  By value I want you to think about emotional needs. You see there's a massive difference between a person who, say,  values Security as their number one value and a person who values Adventure as their number one value. For example, a person - whose number one value is Security - sits down in a conference hall with several hundred other people next to someone whose number one value is Adventure.  Which one will know where every exit … [Read more...]

Are you living your today as if it was yesterday?

Our experience and model of the world is created by experiences, events and our reactions at the time to those moments.  Our minds will have created a connection linking the event to a feeling.  This process goes on all the time - whether we are aware of it or not.  We learn and develop based on these experiences.  Good and Bad.  For each of us, of course, these connections will be unique.  This makes each and everyone of us unique. This is why just thinking of a wonderful, happy event can … [Read more...]

Is fear destroying your relationship?

Fear can turn a normally loving person into someone totally different.  They can start behaving in ways they've never behaved before and not how they would normally act. Gone is the loving, kind and gentle person you knew and now you're faced with someone you don't recognise. If your relationship is having problems then one or both of you is probably scared. Being scared is also being in fear Fear of so many things - especially the future.  To protect yourself emotionally you may just … [Read more...]

Are you riding a roller-coaster of emotions?

This can be hard when you’re in the middle of a sudden relationship collapse You’re feeling fine and are enjoying life and then suddenly, for what appears to be no apparent reason, you can find yourself descending into a state of gloom, despondency, apathy or despair. In fact it seems this roller-coaster of emotions can attack without warning.  But something will have triggered this.  It could be anything.  A phrase or word someone has used.  A memory triggered by seeing or hearing or even … [Read more...]

Don’t let a relationship break-up ruin your life

The shock of a relationship break-up is like being in a car crash without any signs of physical damage.  Especially when the collapse is sudden and not expected. The result can often find one person plunged into a black hole which leaves them unable to find their way out. The feelings you had for your partner are questioned.  You hate them for what they've done but you still love them.  You are incredulous that they've just 'walked away' from all you've built.  You hurt like you've never … [Read more...]