Divorce is more painful than most people realise – find out how to avoid it

January is notorious for people seeking divorce. The arrival of a new year can concentrate the mind on the future. If your relationship is suffering then it may be that all you can see in front of you is pain. Pain that you won't be understood - ever That you're not important to your partner You are not loved in the way you need More endless arguments that go nowhere A future looks bleak - at best Couples in relationship crisis do not have time on their side. Action is … [Read more...]

Nature designed us to be different

Clearly, biologically we know that nature designed us to be different! This is not the subject of this post. Nature and evolution has also designed our needs to be different too. Today society is teaching us that our needs are the same. This is not true. This failure to understand this has led to divorce rates soaring. Yes it is totally right that women can now do any job they want and can command a salary the same as, or in some cases in excess of, their male counterparts. They should … [Read more...]

Divorce rates are rising. Why?

Statistics show that couples are divorcing in record numbers. Many factors are causing this, amongst them are: Longer life expectancy Divorce is no longer a stigma The 'throw-away' culture means people believe they should no longer have to solve issues.  If it's 'broken' then ditch it and start afresh However the actual losses should never be underestimated in the rush to create a 'new life' many will lose more than they ever expected Companionship Finances - greater … [Read more...]

Now you’ve split – Are you asking yourself great questions?

This can be very difficult in the middle of a marriage break up. Many people find themselves in such a place of pain they don't know which way to turn or how to get out of the bleak hole they feel they are in. Part of the solution is to ask yourself great questions.  Now what do I mean by this? Well  asking questions like "Why do I feel like this?"   or "How come this has happened to me?"  won't give very good answers.  Yes you'll give yourself answers but not great ones.  Why?  Because … [Read more...]

Breakups happen for a reason

Remember all relationship breakups happen for a reason.  I understand that this is a hard thing to face and one that can take time to come to terms with. What happened to all that love and passion you had when you were first together? How come it's all vanished? What did we do or not do to cause the breakup? These and many other questions can revolve round and round with no apparent solution - especially if you're the one who didn't want the relationship/marriage to end. Facing … [Read more...]