Hints to Help You

It isn't possible to have a good and trusting relationship with your partner if you are not running the best version of yourself. How you talk to yourself - the language you use when formulating your thoughts - has a massive input on how you see others and how you respond to the world around you. What do you focus on? Do you focus on past resentments and injustices?  Are you one of those who refuses to let go?  If that is the case ask yourself: How long should the 'prison sentence' be.  … [Read more...]

We become what we think about

Individuals and couples who come to my sessions are often in fear. Fear that the relationship they're in is not the one for them.  Fear that they have failed in some way but they are unclear as to how.  Fear that they no longer love the person they're with.  Fear that the person they're with no longer loves them.  In this place of fear individuals create a 'safe haven' for themselves as a protection to what is happening.  They become what they're thinking about. So if an individual has … [Read more...]