Don’t let a relationship breakup destroy your life

Some  breakups are mutual agreed.  Both of you want out as the saying goes. But more frequently this is not the case. One wants to go and the other doesn't. If the relationship breakup is sudden then the one taken by surprise can go into emotional breakdown.  That feeling that something has struck you down - you feel wounded but there are no signs of physical damage. Your feelings ricochet from hating them, wanting them back, still loving them, not understanding why this has happened, … [Read more...]

Are you in the middle of a relationship crisis?

That horrendous moment when your partner announces they're leaving. That they no longer want to be with you. To be pitchforked into this situation is horrible.  Your world turns upside down and the future looks bleak at best. Reactions at this stage vary enormously. They vary because everyone is different. For those where this has come as a total shock then it can feel like you've been in a car crash but with no visible signs of damage. Panic can set in and a surreal feeling of "This … [Read more...]