Coaching benefitted many areas of his life

Over the past few months I have been working with a young man coaching him through various emotional issues. His relationships were not giving him what he needed and his reliance on them meant he couldn't move forward and meet the goals he desired in several areas of his life. His dedication to the process we worked through and his determination to achieve what was there for him to grasp has been impressive. I have recently received this email from him: During my time with Linden we … [Read more...]

What are you doing today to improve your relationship?

If your relationship is not giving all that you want, desire or feel you deserve - then what are you doing about it? OK you may be telling yourself that you're doing everything you can but still not getting anywhere! But do you know what your partner actually needs from you to make your relationship together grow? Ladies - are you making sure your man is feeling Significant, Loved, Important.  If he's  feeling that he's not the most significant person in your life then he'll feel a … [Read more...]