Love is never about Control

When a relationship is in trouble so many people resort to control in their attempt to rescue it. Love and therefore your relationship, is never about control.  A relationship where one partner is controlling will end up in trouble sooner or later. Even when one partner is behaving in ways which are not benefiting the relationship the other partner must not resort to control  Control breeds resentments, feelings of suffocation and this can lead to defiance. However it is important to … [Read more...]

Love is not about Control

Many couples who come to see me looking for answers to their relationship problems complain that one of them has assumed control.  Again and again I hear one say that they feel controlled by the other. This applies to both men and women - so it is by no means the norm these days to hear the woman say she is being controlled by her man. Love is not about Control On the contrary it's about freedom and enjoying each other's differences and appreciating each other's strengths.  It's learning to … [Read more...]

Have you lost control of you?

Are you feeling helpless?  Controlled by events around you.  In reaction rather than in charge. It's very easy to end up in this place when those around you seem to be controlling your world and all that goes on in it.  Especially when an unexpected event comes up and 'bites' you or events have crept up on you unawares and you suddenly find yourself in a helpless state of mind and not having a clue what to do about it. Re-taking control of you can seem incredibly daunting.  The problems go … [Read more...]