To be Present is more Important than Presents

What most people crave in their relationship is the Presence of their partner. By this I don't just mean to be physically in the same room - in fact to be Present doesn't necessarily mean being in the same room or space! Attraction and connection thrive when each is Present for the other.  Be that in the same room, on the phone, or 'chatting' over Skype or other video connections! So what do I mean by being Present. I mean total focus and attention to your partner.  Listening to them, … [Read more...]

Why do couples lose connection?

I am sure you remember that moment when you first met and the world took on a 'rosy glow'!  You felt that nothing would ever change how you felt about each other and yours was going to be the relationship that lasted forever. Now things don't seem so wonderful and the passion and excitement you felt seems to have dwindled and almost died. So what's happened? You've asked your friends and been given their view - which will probably have included words like "Well of course passion dies … [Read more...]

Make every day of the year Valentine’s Day

Now there's a thought! I know, the men reading this are thinking - No Way!  I can't afford the flowers and special treats! But that's not what I'm proposing. By making your partner the most important person in your life and your relationship the most important aspect of your life every day of the year then every day becomes important and special.  And in its own way that's what Valentine's day is all about.  It's that day when our relationship is pushed into sharp focus. It's the day … [Read more...]