Many couples don’t know how to hear each other

Many couples I see have totally misunderstood their partner's words and actions and when they do attempt to sit down and talk it through exacerbate the problems by failing to hear what their partner is actually saying.  Why? Men and women communicate in different ways.  You could almost say they have a different language.  This is confusing because they are using words which each understand but the meaning behind those words is frequently very different. From this place of pain, for both, … [Read more...]

How do you deal with the aftermath of a difference of opinion

How you deal with the aftermath of a difference of opinion - or argument  - will have a major effect on the state of your relationship. If arguments never seem to get anywhere or become more and more frequent then you need to find out why.  Solving your issues may seem impossible.  They probably are unless you understand what you are both doing to create them. And what you are not doing to solve them. You see men and women work differently.  They think differently.  The act … [Read more...]

Arguments – a good thing or bad?

So are arguments a good thing or a bad thing? A couple who never argues is unlikely to be experiencing much passion at all!   So yes arguments at one level at least spark passion and feelings and so are good.  They can act as a barometer on how strongly you both feel. After all if you can't be bothered to argue your point you may have well reached an apathetic state.  But you could also be scared to argue - scared of the repercussions of the argument. Scared you won't be heard. Arguments … [Read more...]

Are arguments killing your passion for each other

We all argue!   In fact arguments are a sign we care, that we do feel passionate. But arguments can become destructive. Especially if you both 'fight' to be 'right'.  If you both have to be the winner or one of you concedes purely for an easy life then problems won't be far off, as now you're beginning to lose respect. Once you start to lose respect for your partner then you won't be attaching feelings of pleasure when you're with them.  Hurt, lack of trust, and pain are creeping … [Read more...]