If you are stuck in a rut it’s important to discover why

I worked with this man over a period of a few months to help him to reconnect with who he really is and, as he says below, who he wants to be.

These are his words:

I worked with Linden through an incredibly difficult period in my life. It was the most positive experience in recent years and the investment in me has meant I have a strong and happy future ahead of me.

At 37 I was going through a mid-life crisis and my behaviour materially affected my relationship with my partner of 20 years. Three years later, set against the death of a close and young family member, my wife decided to leave me having withdrawn from the marriage over a period of months. I was incredibly lost.

Linden was amazing at coaching me through this difficult time, to help understand why I had been unhappy and how to build a great future for me and for our three wonderful children.  Now I have my priorities in order, understand my life values and have a brilliant future being the person I want me to be.

Linden is absolutely brilliant and had I not met her my life would surely have taken a different route.

Sadly it was too late to save his marriage, however he is now in a position to give himself the best possible future and to be the man he wants to be.  This means that when he meets someone new he will avoid the pitfalls of the past.

I wish him all the best