Should we get divorced?

This is a question I am frequently asked by couples and individuals when they first come to see me.  My answer is “I don’t know yet and it is highly likely that you don’t either”

You see it’s very easy to make the wrong choice when life is going badly and getting divorced can seem the logical answer – but it may not be.

I am told by many that they have fallen out of love and that there is no chance of falling back in love – only to find a few weeks later that they have.

This doesn’t apply to all couples. Some should not stay together.

My job is to help the couple find out which solution is right for them.  You see most couples end up stuck in a behaviour pattern which is destructive to the relationship and to themselves.  This creates a belief that the relationship is wrong – when it may not be the case.  They just don’t have the skills they need to make their relationship work.

They hang on to an idea that maybe the problems will eventually go away and their life together will not only improve but go back to the happiness they had in the beginning.  But how can it if the couple continue to behave and react the same way as they have done to now. The same patterns that got them to the unhappy place they find themselves in today.

So when a couple come to see me and ask Should we get Divorced?  I know that before I answer that question they need to find out the truth.  Rather than assume they know the real reason for their problems.

Already by asking for help so many couples aren’t sure.  This is a great first step.  The first step in becoming curious about the possibilities.

By working with me you will find out in clear, easy to follow steps how life can change.

If this is you and you would like to know more then please get in contact.