Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“Should I stay or should I go?” is a question I frequently get asked during a client’s first session.

They know they’re not happy but the upheaval of a split seems more than they can deal with.  The consequences for the household seem overwhelming – so now they’re stuck. Stuck in a marriage that feels wrong. A place where they feel unfulfilled and lost.  They’ve become someone they don’t particularly like but home still feels safe.  It may not be all they want but the unknown of leaving looks wrong too.

Staying feels wrong and leaving feels wrong

And of course they’re right.  The status quo cannot and should not continue.  I have yet to meet anyone who wants to continue living in an unhappy relationship.  The problem with creating your own ‘no win’ emotional state is there appears to be no way out.  But the quality of our state will be the quality of our life.  A low or accusatory emotional state occurs when our life conditions do not meet the blueprint we created for ourselves for how life should be.

Clients who work with me – either individually or as couples – learn how to change their emotional state and empower themselves to give them the life they desire.  They learn how to create blueprints for their life conditions which are winnable based on their core needs and values.

They learn how to become unstuck

Change can, and frequently does, happen fast.